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Our water reeked of chlorine for over a month and we finally decided to research several companies regarding a plan for treating the water.  We decided to go with Healthy H2O systems and that was the best decision we have ever made.

The shower water used to dry out my skin because it was so heavily chlorinated, but now the water is amazing for my skin. I can drink the sink water because it tastes so fresh (and it has all the necessary minerals in it). In addition, our washing machine now is oxidized and can be used to wash our clothes with little to no detergent. We really appreciate how clean our water has become.

Don’t waste your time researching for different water treatment companies; this is the best place to go to. Not to mention, Steve was not only extremely helpful and detailed in his work but also he’s a very friendly, genuine person!

Brittnie P.

Berkeley, Ca

Steve and healthy H2O systems is fantastic! I live in Folsom and the city recently introduced ortho phosphate into its water system in an attempt to correct the pinhole leaks throughout the community. This ortho phosphate is corrosive and the intent by the city was to create a chemical reaction with this product and the interior of the copper pipes to form a calcium layer that would plug the pinholes. As soon as Folsom introduced this derivative of phosphoric acid to our water, I could taste it and feel it’s corrosive nature. I did extensive research and spoke to countless water experts in my pursuit of removing the orthophosphate from my drinking water. Steve is highly knowledgeable, genuine, and professional. His goal truly is to educate his clients and he does a phenomenal job at just that. We purchased a custom system from him and could not be more grateful that we did! Our water has never been better! Everyone has a right to clean and useful water – Call Steve today, you have no idea what you are missing!

Madison K.

Folsom, Ca

I am so satisfied with the results of my water treatment system.  My property uses well water and a septic system.  We built a new house knowing that the water leaves hard scale build up on glass and plumbing fixtures.  So, during the construction, I researched several companies regarding a plan for treating the water.  I ultimately found healthy H2O systems to be the most informative and responsive provider.  

So let me share some proof of the results.  The first photo is a shower door installed new and used two years by renters on this same property and well.  The next photo is a new shower door that was used in the new house for 3 months BEFORE we had the water treatment system in use.  The last photos are my near flawless shower doors of my home that has only been used with the water treatment system that specifically includes a descaler.  

I love the results.  The water looks, smells, tastes and feels good.

Vanna K.

Roseville, Ca

After researching my options and speaking with Steve I was very excited to have the system put in at my new home. I was very worried about the number of contaminants we’re forced to deal with, and this system is very comprehensive when it comes to getting the bad guys out and leaving the good ones in. Now I can safely say “drink the water!” It’s a worthy investment!!!

Heather J.

Brentwood, Ca

I’ll start off by saying if you’re on City or well water you should have a whole house water filter. The next thing is to call up Steve with earth smart water and have a free consultation. Steve is a local vendor of a fantastic product which does what it says it does and when you do the studying on The equipment and the media inside, it it’s a pretty easy choice. Finally we love showering, shaving, Drinking water, coffee, cooking vegetables, cleaning our toilets less, feeling better about the water that’s in our entire home. System installs in less than a day. Changes our lives for the next 15 years!  Thanks Steve!

Steven L.

Loomis, Ca

Great product. My water immediately tasted better. It also feels better in the shower. I even notice it when I squeegee the shower door. It’s hard to explain, but it’s a much smoother process.

Robert P.

Elk Grove, Ca

Night and day difference on my water. With one system I eliminated toxins and chemicals from my water. Most don’t know the amount of poisons in the water added back the treatment plants. I highly recommend their systems as they are the highest quality and engineering.

Daniel G.

Secaucus, NJ

We have been very happy with our water filtration system.  Love how soft my skin is.  We have recommended this system to friends & family.  So far so good!!

Jackie K.

Newark, Ca

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There are numerous reasons as to why you would select Healthy H2O Systems. We have the experience and knowledge with water issues to take care of any situation. We pride ourselves on providing outstanding customer service from your initial tests, all the way through installation and post-installation support. Finally, we only allow the best licensed contractors to work on our job sites.

However, the main reason to choose us is the health benefits of drinking Healthy H2O Systems water that you and your family receive after getting one of our water filtration systems. Our water filter systems promote healthy skin, reducing cancer agents, and supporting the immune system and mental functions.

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