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Dropson Anti-Scaling System
  • Protects installations and equipment against limescale.
  • Produces a descaling effect on existing limescale.
  • Optimizes Installation’s energy efficiency . Facilitates energy savings.
  • No Additives No Salt or TAC (Plastic Polymers) are used to control calcium.  

  • Avoids corrosion to installation and equipment.
  • Maintenance free Does not require salt nor chemical products.
  • Does not generate water consumption, neither water discharge to the drain. Generate no pollution.
  • Maintains water potability, leaving chemical properties unmodified.
Easily Adapted to your Installations
DROPSON adapts easily to your installation.
Our calculation software allows us to quickly size up the adapted model to the peak flow of your installation and needs.

DROPSON is typically installed at the main cold water inlet and must be installed with a sediment filter.

DROPSON does not cause any head loss, neither does it decrease existent water flow rate.

The Dropson Anti-Scaling System is a physical hard water treatment system that is a real alternative to conditional water softeners.

View the short video and learn how this innovative technology provides superior water conditioning.

The Healthy H20 System

Dropson Anti-Scaling Systems

The advanced Dropson anti-scaling water treatment systems are a true alternative to traditional salt-based water softeners for customers with hard water.  A salt system replaces the healthy natural minerals that make the water “hard” – Calcium and Magnesium – with sodium chloride (salt).  After treatment the water is “soft”, but it is now “salty” and unhealthy to drink or bath in.  Our goal is to keep the natural minerals, Calcium and Magnesium, in the water in a format that prevents them from causing hard water problems such as, hard scale buildup on shower doors and plumbing. The Dropson Descaler changes the calcium bicarbonate molecule into calcium carbonate which stops the calcium from sticking to the glass and plumbing.  As the water passes through the High Tech Dropson unit the water is subjected to a vortex system which causes turbulent water flow and then chemically changes the calcium structure by using magnetic impact generators driven by the patented by the EMI technology (electronic magnetic Impact).  This causes the calcium bicarbonate in the water to come out of solution and into suspension forming calcium carbonate in the aragonite state.  The microscopic aragonite crystal formations remain suspended in the water and pass harmlessly through the plumbing system.  Also, while in the water is in the aragonite state it will remove existing scale in the plumbing and prevent any scale to adhere to appliances, shower doors, and plumbing.

The Dropson system is Eco-friendly and environmentally respectful and offers many advantages compared to traditional salt-based water softener systems. A simple comparison between Salt and NO Salt technologies dramatically underscores the advantages of Dropson anti-scaling system.  It has a full 10-year warranty.

For a more in depth explanation of the innovative Dropson Anti-Scaling System, please view the following videos

Dropson webinar part 1.

Dropson webinar part 2.

Why Choose Us?

There are numerous reasons as to why you would select Healthy H2O Systems. We have the experience and knowledge with water issues to take care of any situation. We pride ourselves on providing outstanding customer service from your initial tests, all the way through installation and post-installation support. Finally, we only allow the best licensed contractors to work on our job sites.

However, the main reason to choose us is the health benefits of drinking Healthy H2O Systems water that you and your family receive after getting one of our water filtration systems. Our water filter systems promote healthy skin, reducing cancer agents, and supporting the immune system and mental functions.

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