Chlorine in Our Municipal Water

Chlorine is one of the most efficient ways to kill deadly germs and pathogens in our public municipal water sources. Therefore, all of the water that flows into our homes has been treated with chlorine for this reason. Chlorine is so common; it is easy to overlook the fact that chlorine is a very powerful chemical that is harmful to our bodies and to the copper piping in your home.


Unfortunately, it appears that corrosion is caused when the chlorine reacts with the copper piping to create the compound Copper Chloride. The level of chlorine in the water varies, but it can easily range from 0.5 PPM to 2 PPM based upon how far you are from the water treatment plant.  The more chlorine in the water the more corrosion.  This has a corrosive effect on the inside of the pipes and slowly erodes the piping over time. Eventually, chlorine eats all the way through the pipes and creates pinhole leaks, which if left unchecked, can cause a myriad of problems within the home. This is why you will find a blue green film inside the copper pipe in your home instead of clean copper (see the blue-green corrosion in picture).

how chlorine impacts copper pipes
Your home copper pipes can be impacted by chlorine in the water

The most alarming risk of corrosion is breakage and flooding. The process is very slow and unfortunately it can cause pinhole leaks- while tiny- can cause immense amounts of damage to a home?


A pinhole leak is a small puncture in a pipe that occurs due to corrosion. The leak starts out small, but this tiny hole is more serious than it sounds. If left unnoticed, pinhole leaks can create:

  • Mold
  • Mildew
  • Biological Growth

These thrive around pinhole leaks because of the damp, dark environment provided by pinhole leaks that saturate the insulation. They also cause immense water damage to ceilings and walls. If you look at your copper piping and see any blue-green spots of patina on the outside of the pipes, you are at risk.  Please see pictures below.

how chlorine can damage copper pipes
copper pipe damaged by chlorine in water

Worried About Municipal Chlorine in You Water Supply?

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The solution is very straight forward, simply remove the Chlorine and dramatically reduce your risk of copper corrosion by installing a Healthy H2O System Whole House Water Filter.

The HHS system filters out:

  • Chlorine – linked to causing various cancers and ailments in our bodies.
  • Carcinogenic – Chlorine/Organic by products known as Haloacetic Acids and Trihalomethanes
  • Inorganic Contaminants – such as Lead, Mercury, Kerosene etc.
  • Chemicals – over 200 chemical contaminates including synthetic and Volatile Organic chemicals (VOCs).
  • Pesticides and Herbicides from agriculture & urban storm water runoff.
  • Sediments – sand – particulates in water

The HHS System doesn’t remove the natural minerals in the water such as:

  • Calcium – For mending and maintaining strong bones
  • Magnesium – Many health benefits related to minimizing cardiovascular disease
  • Potassium – Important mineral for the body.

Therefore, the water retains the many natural minerals our bodies need to stay healthy. The final product is a very Clean, Great Tasting, Healthy Water that has the natural minerals delivered to every faucet and shower in your home.

Conclusion – Solution – Help

If you have copper piping in your home and you’re concerned about corrosion, please call for a complementary water test and site evaluation.

Our HHS Whole House Filter System is Maintenance Free, No Filters to Change, No Salt System and comes with a 10-year warranty.  You and family will simply love the Healthy Water it produces.

Please call 916-226-3881 for more information and to request an appointment.  Also brochures and additional information can be found on our Healthy H2O Systems Product Brochures webpage.

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There are numerous reasons as to why you would select Healthy H2O Systems. We have the experience and knowledge with water issues to take care of any situation. We pride ourselves on providing outstanding customer service from your initial tests, all the way through installation and post-installation support. Finally, we only allow the best licensed contractors to work on our job sites.

However, the main reason to choose us is the health benefits of drinking Healthy H2O Systems water that you and your family receive after getting one of our water filtration systems. Our water filter systems promote healthy skin, reducing cancer agents, and supporting the immune system and mental functions.

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