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How to Remove Hard Water Stains on Shower Door

What causes hard water staining?

Calcium and magnesium are what cause water to become “hard.” These minerals are dissolved in your home’s water from rocks beneath the earth’s surface. When the water evaporates, it leaves mineral deposits behind.

Iron in your water can leave brown stains on your clothes, fixtures, cement sidewalks and driveways, and the outside walls of your home (if irrigation water hits it). It might be tempting to clean these brown stains with bleach. But, wait! Bleach is a diluted chlorine / water solution, which oxidizes iron and makes those stubborn stains worse.

Iron and rust stains are different from typical hard water stains. But it is possible to have both mineral rich hard water and iron rich water, causing a combination of hard water calcium and magnesium buildup and unsightly brown iron stains. Both can be tough to clean.

You don’t want your bathrooms and kitchen to look like this…
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